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TikTok: from singing app to advertising tool

That’s why TikTok can be the future of your business.

Social media is increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives. Starting in the morning, when we wake up and, as our first gesture, we scroll through the new notifications on our smartphone lock screen. We constantly talk about WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, but in recent years another social media has landed on our cell phones: we are talking about TikTok.

Initially known as Musical.ly, founded in China in 2014 by Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang, TikTok was a platform that allowed teens to create content entirely based on new hits through which they invented new dances that, in turn, became trends around the world.

And it is thanks to this platform and the skill of these young influencers, that nowadays it is impossible not to have this application in your smartphone.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, social media distinguished by age range-in the former we meet mainly people of adult age, in the latter young people between 12 and 30 years old-TikTok does not mind these differences. We can call it a real melting pot!

From videos of one’s pets, to one’s routine, TikTok is a social media that allows people to create comedy skits or lip-sync songs. The strength of this new social media is to capture millions of subscribers worldwide, giving them the opportunity to become very popular.

The real merit of this company is that it focuses attention on videos created directly by users. In fact, according to several psychology scholars, a video captures much more attention than a simple writing in a post or a static image.

This is why numerous companies, starting even with soccer teams, have decided to land on this new platform: by creating comical and short content, they manage to entertain web users who, in turn, will share the experience they have had on other social networks.

In doing so, TikTok becomes a real platform that allows you to send out so-called buzz marketing. So why don’t you accept this new challenge and land on this platform as well?

If you accept the challenge, we at Mediability will be happy to help you in this new and promising reality, creating content for you that is suitable for your business.

For Mediability, research into new communication and marketing-related technologies is a topic of extreme interest. Contact us for more information on all our services.


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