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Mediability in a nutshell


Mediability was born in 2001 in Turin, Italy. Over the course of more than two decades of experience, the agency has developed qualified skills in all areas of communication: from Visual communication to Media Coverage Analysis, via consulting to the more recent in-house IT and Press Office departments.

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PressMediaLAB is born

Confirming an extraordinary growth, the Press Office division begins to walk on its own legs and gives birth to a new company, an exclusive partner of Mediability: thus PressMediaLAB is born, totally dedicated to press office, digital PR, media center and event management. This way, the Group increases its portfolio of activities, offering a range of integrated communication services that is unique in the national and international scene.


The Mediability Press Office department

Mediability has decided to invest in structuring in a definitive way the new department of Press Office, in order to close become a 360° communication agency. This new division will be strengthened in the next two years, leading to a steady growth of the team, with the aim of managing an increasing flow of clients, supporting them in their PR activities.


The new internal IT department

Despite the very complicated year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mediability board decides to invest and create a new internal IT department dedicated to the research and development of new applications. This leads to the creation of an internal data centre within the agency, with the short-term objective of managing the flow of big data for the support and development of new integrated services that will be available in the near future.


The Social Media Intelligence service

Mediability, following the sudden evolution of the times, integrates in its staff professionals such as data scientists and introduces the innovative service of SOCIAL MEDIA INTELLIGENCE with the aim of systematically monitoring the whole world of corporate social and web communication, both for the client and for its competitors, and elaborating synthetic Banchmark Data Visualizations, which represent an essential tool to companies to orient their communication in an increasingly globalized world. The acquisition as clients of CNH group, NEW HOLLAND and FPT INDUSTRIAL for social & web monitoring confirm the right direction taken by the company.


The social media channels management

Mediability, now, consists in two distinct divisions: the first one focused on media review and coverage analysis services, and the other one dedicated to visual and marketing consultancy, integrating this department with the new and increasingly popular social media management service for companies. Precisely in this division, the acquisition of the client MICROSOFT ITALIA allows Mediability to grow professionally, starting in a short time to collaborate with other large IT groups, such as HP and MSI.


The media coverage and analysis of the FCA merge

FIAT SPA merges with CHRYSLER GROUP, becoming FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). In this delicate phase, Mediability follows the merger ensuring a complete service of press, web and TV-radio review and coverage analysis on all medias, starting to work with the EMEA and NAFTA markets of the new automotive group.


The link with the world of Information Technology

Mediability, after the consolidation of the review and analysis department thanks to the acquisition of BOSCH, decides to focus on the creativity and communication department, expanding and refining its services to offer professional support to the marketing departments of large multinational companies. Thanks to the contract for the management of the communication of ACER ITALY, Mediability successfully enters the world of Information Technology.


A steadily growing client portfolio

Mediability broadens its horizons and wins tenders for the management of large companies such as ROCHE, BREMBO and GEOX.


Consulting agency in an international scenario

Mediability is awarded the management of the IVECO SPA press, web and TV-radio review and also the European management of the media coverage analysis for FIAT AUTOMOBILES, entering for the first time the international scenario.


The contact with FIAT AUTO and a new dimension

Mediability, after a presentation of the press review and media coverage analysis services to the Association of Professional Advertising Technicians, wins a tender to manage both review and media coverage of FIAT AUTO in Italy, monitoring all the group’s brands (Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Abarth, Fiat Commercial Vehicles).


Mediability Communication Lab and the Media Coverage Analysis

Mediability Web Agency turns into Mediability Communication Lab, becoming a real 360° communication laboratory, starting to offer other important services for companies, such as press review and review analysis (Media Coverage Analysis).


Visual communication and Corporate identity

Mediability expands its offer and begins to take care of its clients’ traditional communication, integrating web with visual communication services and proposing itself as a brand & corporate identity consultant.


The Birth and the Word Wide Web

Mediability Web Agency was born on the long wave of the new economy. Back then, the real innovation for companies was to have a website and Mediability was born with that goal: to create a digital identity for companies that were not present in the World Wide Web yet.
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