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Turin-based Testadoro brand reborn

Testadoro, automobile manufacturer operating in Turin in the 1940s, is reborn after 70 years of inactivity thanks to Dario Pasqualini, an artist from Cumiana (Turin) who is ready to rewrite the history of Turin’s automotive craftsmanship by reviving boita art.

It all began in the 1930s, when the term Testadoro first appeared on a particular header for engines by the genius of Arnaldo Roselli. Subsequently, the brand spread thanks to the use of the header in the making of the Fiat 500 Topolino to finally land on the racetrack, thanks to the heated interest and involvement of Turin-based entrepreneur Giorgio Giusti, a partner of engineer Roselli. Giusti led Testadoro to build as many as 9 cars including the Sport, the Drin-Drin, the Marinella and the Daniela, to name a few, which competed in the most important competitions of the time. Making use of the skilled hands of craftsmen in their boites, the “House of the Car” designed and built the cars in their entirety and was at the forefront in terms of technological development for those times. But in 1949, Giorgio Giusti was forced to close the business due to the death of his partner in a car accident, and Testadoro fell into oblivion until Dario Pasqualini discovered its existence and decided to take over and register the brand in 2019. Since then, driven by a great passion, he has been committed to bringing back Turin’s handcrafted motor history.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the birth of the Testadoro brand, Pasqualini, flanked by expert figures, created a first work: the Testadoro Barchetta 1951, presented at the 26th edition of the Vernasca Silver Flag. It is actually the completion of an unfinished 1951 project, namely a barchetta designed for the 1100 Sport Internazionale class.

Thus, following the canons of craftsmanship of the Turin boites, Testadoro is officially reborn, in order to honor the spirit of the Sport cars produced around 1950s and, even more, the craftsmanship of their creators.

Mediability is proud to stand alongside Testadoro as its press office and take care of the distribution of press releases to major Italian media.


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