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Messages, likes, e-mails, photos: this is what happens in 60 seconds on the World Wide Web.

It has become routine in our daily lives to know what is happening in the world through the news. But have you ever wondered what happens in just 60 seconds on the Internet?

Every year, business intelligence and data analytics companies, analysers of new technologies or simple number crunchers, publish a quadrant showing what happens in one minute on the World Wide Web. Every year, supply, and demand change, so the time spent on the platforms that the Internet offers also changes.

Let start with an important figure that allows us to understand and quantify how much these digital platforms are used: 59% is the percentage of the world’s population that nowadays has access to the Internet. We are talking about 5 billion people! We should consider this word, made up of small devices, as a bottomless pit containing billions of pieces of information and characterised by its own physics that regulates our everyday life.

But this world, composed of small chips, we must regard it as a bottomless pit, containing billions of pieces of information and characterized by a physics all its own that governs our daily lives.

Let’s see the data:

  • 650,000 Instagram stories are shared every minute;
  • 1.4 million times the Facebook feed is scrolled by users;
  • 200,000 people send a tweet;
  • 197.6 million emails are sent;
  • 69 million messages are sent on WhatsApp;
  • 9.132 contact requests on LinkedIn;
  • Tinder scores 2 million swipes

But the internet is not only made up of the social part, we also find:

  • TikTok, downloaded 5000 times per minute;
  • Twitch, totalling 2 million views;
  • 1.6 million are spent on e-commerce;
  • Netflix’s ‘tudum’ resonates in homes 28,000 times;

These are impressive numbers that we can hardly imagine. These figures are bound to grow more and more, not only because of the increasing number of new services but also because the number of users is increasing disproportionately.

These numbers make us realise how the digital world is becoming more and more important in our daily lives and in the business world. In fact, it is important for a company to know not only the social part, but the number of times users visit web pages and how often. If we consider the traditional web, the number of websites that make it up exceeds one billion, in Italy there are 3 million domains and every minute 571 new sites are born. Online services and tools count on average more than 39.6 million users, with visits reaching 916 thousand consumers per minute.

And do you know how to keep track of who views your website or who talks about you in the midst of this world that is as big as it is dispersive? Our means allow you to monitor everything that happens on the web and on social media, so that you know your visibility in the world of the Internet. Therefore, if you are interested in this, contact us at Mediability and we will be happy to help you in monitoring and analysing your activity.


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