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World premiere of the "Eccentrica" prototype: the Restomood based on the 90s Diablo

The unveiling of the Eccentrica prototype, the “restomod” based on the Diablo of the 1990s, which emphasizes the character and performance of the iconic supercar while preserving its identity, was held in Milan at the exclusive Garage 21. BorromeodeSilva design studio and a first-rate team of engineers and technicians participated in the development of the prototype. Eccentrica is the first product of the San Marino-based homonym start-up, which aims to become one of the first international “restomod” companies.

The project was born from the passion of Emanuel Colombini, a successful entrepreneur at the helm of one of the largest companies in the furniture industry. States Colombini, “Even as a kid I remember the red Diablo, it was love at first sight! After I had the chance to drive the GT version, I decided to pay homage to it, founding the idea of the ‘restomod company’ around it.”

The starting point of any “restomod” is an iconic car no longer in production, the so-called “donor car,” which is redesigned and rebuilt with the integration of modern components. The end result is a car equipped with state-of-the-art solutions and high-quality finishes, although it retains the recognizability and personality of the past. In the case of Eccentrica, the “donor car” belongs to the first series of the Diablo model.

Its name is derived from the late Latin word “Eccentrus,” meaning a position away from the center, and takes inspiration from Ptolemy’s astronomy. Hence the name of the brand and its products: in fact, an Eccentric car is a transformation that has elements of courage and unscrupulousness and, at the same time, pays homage to and ties in with the principles of classical mechanics.

Top-notch technical partners have made or chosen exclusive content for the Eccentrica prototype, such as Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires, which derive from Pirelli’s experience in the world’s leading motorsport competitions, a braking system by Brembo, a sound system by Marantz for a top-notch sound experience, an exhaust system by Capristo, and upholstery such as leather and Alcantara, the famous 100% Made in Italy material.

Authentically Few Off in only 19 examples, which can be customized by choosing from numerous variants including body colors, upholstery, fabrics and materials, the Eccentrica will employ the BorromeodeSilva design studio, which will accompany the customer along the entire customization journey, translating their wishes and dreams into something tangible and real.

Eccentrica’s debut will continue from July 13 to 16, when the prototype will be featured at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. All enthusiasts will be able to admire it at booth No. 9 set up in one of the most prestigious areas of the British event. This will be followed by a U.S. tour with stops at Monterey Car Week in August and in New York and Miami in September and October.

Mediability is excited to be able to support Eccentrica in its launch activities by managing its international press office, in a journey suspended between the charm of the past and the innovation of the present.


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