Xbox Game Pass Fest on June 7 and 8: the rumor of Xbox France

7 June 2021

The Xbox brand, and more generally the whole Acer world, have distinguished themselves in recent years for the countless number and recurrence of special events dedicated to their respective communities of fans: sometimes it was an in-person event, in other cases online, but there was certainly no shortage of opportunities to unveil news or bring together the fanbase.

The way announcements are made is often unpredictable and designed to send messages or signals to users. It should come as no surprise then what happened a few days ago – on June 4 – in France: on Friday the French account of Xbox Game Pass launched a veiled indiscretion that for days has been keeping fans and curious on their toes.

Instead, the timing of the event leaves us astonished: the whole community is in fact waiting for the conference scheduled for June 13, next Sunday, which will focus on all the news coming to Xbox Series X but will also be dedicated to new releases more general. What could take the stage on such short notice, to open the dances to the already scheduled conference?

According to Xbox Game Pass France, big news will be coming very soon, with an “intense program” in which “we will talk about games”. This is the content of the tweet that appeared on Friday, June 4, which was then confirmed today morning: on the dates of today and tomorrow, Monday, June 7 and Tuesday, June 8, the new Xbox Game Pass Fest will take place.

Obviously in digital version, the event for the moment has only been presented by the French division of Xbox but promises to be a great success as usual. Not yet known the lineup of content planned, but Xbox Game Pass in the recent period has undoubtedly become the flagship product of the House of Redmond: an event related to it can only be welcomed by the people.

Also in this case Acer and Xbox prove to be flexible, innovative companies, ready to open up to users, up to the gamification of ads for events. Mediability is happy and proud to walk alongside a colossus of the sector as Acer, providing constant services of analysis, press review and creation, management and publication of press releases related to its activities.