You don’t need superpowers to be PRO

30 March 2018

One of the most stimulating aspects of our work is creativity.

When a client asks us to create a campaign on a brand or a specific product, we start a real group brainstorming session involving the whole agency, looking for the perfect idea to best meet the client’s needs.

And this is exactly what happened when Microsoft asked us to devise a campaign to stimulate businessmen to switch to a professional operating system: lots of heads, lots of ideas, lots of trials and, in the end, only one final choice.

windows 10 pro super protetto uomo
windows 10 pro super protetto donna

Among all the proposals made, the one we internally renamed ‘Super Pro’ was chosen: not only banners in all formats, but also three different radio spots that went out on the main national broadcasters, installations at exhibitions and technology fairs, and even thematic gadgets. Work that continues even now since, shortly after the first release of the banners, it came under the watchful eye of Microsoft EMEA, which decided to decline it in 10 different European languages!

And that’s not all…